When It Hurts So Bad

What do you do when reality hits u in your face and you come face to face with the one you love and always have loved. But things have changed and what you always wanted to be can never be. When you want to be with him so bad but you feel as though you’re being selfish cause you could never give him all that he want and needs.

Pain Is Pleasure

Pain is pleasure. Went and got my nipples pierced the other night and I thought I was gone nut on myself during the process. I know they say pain is pleasure and I do like a lil pain sometimes when I’m fucking. Ass smacking, hair pulling, biting, and some chocking but anyway. So dude took me to get my nipples pierced the other night. He didn’t think I would go through with it though. Anyway so we get there I go to the back and take my shirt off and dudes is drawing the lines on me to make the piercing and dude whispers in my ear one of your nipples is bigger than the other. I said no it’s not that one is more excited than the other. LOL. He was like oh damn. I was getting excited by this shit. I wont surprised though cause this is something I had wanted for a while. Anyway so I lay down on the table and he ask me am I ready I said yea. So he like take a deep breath and then he stick me in my titty. Now the first one was coo I aint feel it. but when he got to the second one I felt that one. I aint jump or nothing. I just damn I felt that one. The guy was like I wish everybody was good as you. I just handle pain better I guess. But anyway all I know is once he was done my pussy was wett as fuck. I could’t wait to get home and fuck.

The Starter

Looks like I’m getting back to my old self again where one fuck is just not enough. Had an old friend come through a while ago an I got a good nut but it just wont enough. Now this is a guy I’ve known for a while but hadn’t seen to much over the past few years cause I was always on the move. Bu anyway he has a nice sick dick but until tonight we had never fucked before. He never got past the head. So tonight he came through and he was like we gone fuck tonight so that means you can’t give me no head. I was upset at first cause giving head turns me on. Gets my pussy wett. But anyway the fuckin started off slow cause I didn’t get to give him no head for so my pussy wont wett. But after a few good strokes I was good to go. Pussy got wett and he pushed m legs back and fucked the shit out of me. He got deep in that pussy and was hitting the right spot next thing I know I was squirting all over that dick and that shit turned him on and he fucked me harder until he came for this pussy. I enjoyed that nut. All I could say thank you. LOL. I was made we hadn’t been fucking. We gone have to do that shit again and I’m a need to film it. Even though it was a good nut it still wont enough. Now I need some more. So online I go in search of another fuck or the night. I’m out.

Lil Dick

If I can make a fist with your dick still in my hand then your dick is to damn small for me. If I can jerk you off and don’t have to use my whole hand than your dick is to damn small for me. If your dick is on the hard and it doesn’t stick out past your belly then your dick is to damn small for me.I can go on and on but I wont. I’m a big girl so your lil dick is not gone do nothing for me really. Don’t be mad I’ll still give you some pussy though cause your money still green. But when its over and you ask me was it good and I say no don’t get mad. I mean hell you got yours. Had a dude come over the other night made me mad when he pulled his dick out. He was talking all this shit and his dick was lil as hell. Gave this fool some head right. Had his whole dick in my mouth and the shit ain’t reach the back of my throat. I mean what the fuck am I supposed to do with that.I can’t get no nut off that shit.